How to Stop Faux Fur Fabric from Shedding

How to Stop Faux Fur Fabric from Shedding

Faux fur fabric offers a luxurious and ethical alternative to real fur, making it a popular choice for fashion designers, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts. From crafting cozy winter jackets to designing plush home decors, the versatility of faux fur fabric is unmatched. However, shedding can be a common issue with faux fur, which not only affects the look and feel of your creations but also their durability and neatness. In this blog post, we'll explore practical strategies to prevent your faux fur fabric—be it black fur, white faux fur, or vibrant blue and purple fur—from shedding.

Understanding Faux Fur Fabric

Faux fur, also known as synthetic fur, is typically made from polymeric fibers that are processed, dyed, and cut to mimic the appearance and texture of natural fur. FabricLA offers a range of faux fur fabrics including traditional colors like black, brown, and white faux fur, as well as more eclectic hues such as blue and purple fur. These fabrics are essential for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance or warmth to their projects without compromising on ethical standards.

Why Does Faux Fur Fabric Shed?

Shedding in faux fur fabrics occurs due to several reasons. During the manufacturing process, fibers are cut and attached to a backing material. Some fibers might not be secured firmly, which can lead to shedding. Additionally, frequent use and improper care can exacerbate this issue, making your fabulous fur look frayed and worn.

Tips to Prevent Shedding

1. Initial Care Post-Purchase

  • Secure the Fibers: Before you start working with your new fur fabric, especially if it's a delicate black headliner fabric or a luxurious brown fur, it's crucial to address any loose fibers. A simple trick is to shake the fabric vigorously to remove any excess fibers that were not properly attached during manufacturing.

  • Cold Wash: Hand wash your faux fur fabric in cold water with a mild detergent before sewing. This can help tighten the fabric's weave, securing the fibers more effectively. Ensure to gently press the water out without wringing.

2. Sewing Techniques

  • Use Interfacing: Applying a lightweight interfacing to the back of your faux fur fabric can help reinforce the fibers and reduce shedding. This is particularly effective for fabricla fabrics that you intend to use for apparel.

  • French Seams: When sewing faux fur, opt for French seams to encapsulate all the raw edges and lock in any loose fibers, thereby preventing them from shedding.

3. Long-Term Care

  • Proper Storage: Store faux fur garments in a cool, dry place. Cover them with a cotton sheet or store them in a breathable garment bag to protect the fabric from dust and humidity, which can weaken the fibers over time.

  • Brush Regularly: Use a soft-bristled brush to gently groom your faux fur. This not only keeps it looking fresh but also helps remove and manage loose fibers. Brushing is ideal for larger items made from white faux fur or blue fur.

  • Spot Cleaning: Avoid washing faux fur frequently. Spot clean small stains with a mild detergent and water to prevent the whole fabric from undergoing unnecessary stress.

4. Use of Fabric Softeners

  • Conditioning: Occasionally, using a fabric softener can help maintain the integrity and lushness of your faux fur, making the fibers more resilient to shedding.


With the right techniques, you can significantly reduce the shedding of your faux fur fabric and keep your creations looking pristine for years to come. Whether you're working with black fur, white faux fur, or vibrant purple fur, these tips will ensure that your fabric remains as opulent as the day you bought it. For more tips and a wide selection of high-quality faux fur fabrics, visit FabricLA. Here's to many years of luxurious, durable, and ethical fashion and decor!

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