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FabricLA Faux Fake Fur Shaggy Fabric by The Yard - (Ivory) Free Shipping Within USA

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FabricLA Faux Fake Fur Shaggy Fabric by The Yard  

Faux fur, by being a leading fabric choice for designers and creators, bear beauty, glory, and freedom. Designers love to breathe their masterpiece. They prefer not only design and colors, but quality, and of course, animal-friendliness as well. With FabricLA’s Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric by The Yard, every designer and designer-wanna-be can now use their ideas and imaginations to create marvelous oeuvres.

“Fur Fabric That Is Good as The Real Thing”

It’s realistic. It’s wonderful. It’s shiny. And it is still fur.

Our fake fur is brilliantly engineered to have similar warmth and appearance to that of real animal fur. The only difference here is ours are fake, which means that you are free from the guilt of killing innocent creatures. So, start using artificial fur daily. No worries can catch your sight.

“Wear Your Faux Fur Fabric with Great Confidence”

Our fabric is a piece of art. You can use it to make costumes, pillows, coats, jackets, area rugs, or anything that comes up to your mind for a wonderful fur creation. Its width is 60 inches and the pile length is 2.5 inches.

“The Finest Quality Fabric That Looks Stunning On You”

We only provide you the best quality fake fur that you’ll be delighted about.  Stay out from hurt animals. Stay out from real fur. Our fake fur is an ideal alternative here.

Why Choose Our Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric?

Easy to Clean and Maintain

With our shaggy fake fur, you’ll no longer have to worry about difficult maintenance. Our fabric doesn’t need protection against cold so wearing out is prevented. It is super easy to clean as it only requires hand washing and hanging to dry. Its size is easy to shave down, plush, and work with as well.

It’s More Durable

Our product’s content is made with 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. Acrylic’s performance is almost the same as that of wool but its elasticity is far better than the latter. Additionally, acrylic has excellent light resistance, giving you no problem when exposing it to the sun. Polyester, apart from providing less wrinkling and shrinking, is also strong, flexible, and dries faster.

With proper care, this fake fur will last for a long time. Real fur is such a bother as you have to be extra careful in storing and transporting it so it won’t be ruined.

It’s Animal-Friendly

What is most vital for us in offering this shaggy fabric is of it being a brilliant piece of art that brings out your freedom of eliminating animal maltreatment. Hunting for fur doesn’t sound good. So, why not try pepping up your wardrobe with our excellent faux fur. It is also great for both home and commercial applications. You can easily create not only costumes and rugs. You can also use our fabric to create upholstery, jackets, coats, warm bedspreads, and furry blankets.

Experience Admirable Wonders of Fur Without Killing Animals While Flaunting Your Style

Be free from the guilt of killing animals with our fake fur shaggy fabric. Wear it with style. It feels good on your hands, similar to real fur. This product is long and super soft. It is perfect for almost anything you want to use it from. You will still be on-trend. It’s perfect for personal costume projects, furry rug creation, coats and jackets, and other general uses.

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