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FabricLA Mohair Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric - Pre Cut Strips | Trim Ribbon | DIY Craft, Hobby, Costume, Decoration - Kelly Green

  • $ 9.99

FabricLA - 60 inch Faux Fur Fabric Ribbon

80% Acrylic with 20% Polyester
2" Pile
Easy to Maintain

Size Options:
58/60 Inches by 2 inches
58/60 Inches by 4 inches

Please see our other FabricLA Faux fur listings for half-yard cuts as well as our pre-cut Fabric Squares or by the yard listings. Thank you for choosing FabricLA for your fabric needs!

FabricLA's Faux fur is a leading fabric choice for designers, creators, and fuzzy cruelty-free animal lovers alike. Composed of synthetic materials, with a fiber content of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester, any designer or designer-wannabe can remain guilt-free while bringing their ideas, imaginations, and projects into a wonderful creation.

FabricLA's Faux fur can be used to create lush apparel such as, but not limited to, coats, jackets, gloves, winter hats, scarves, and costumes. With other home décor uses such as fluffy pillows, throws, warm bedspreads, and area rugs; offering luxury quality with realistic wild and vivid colors. Our faux fur is brilliantly engineered to have similar warmth and appearance to that of real animal fur with fur piles measuring up to 2.5 inches. It is backed with cleverly knitted polyester allowing for easy reconstruction and cutting for every fuzzy project on mind.

The convenience is not only in your pocket but in the longevity of the fabric itself as acrylic simulates performance similar to wool but with far greater elasticity as well as light resistance. Combined with polyester, creating a stronger and flexible fabric with anti-shrinking and anti-wrinkling capabilities making our faux fur very easy to maintain, shave down or plush. Simply handwash and hang dry.

With proper care, FabricLA's faux fur will last for a long time to come so, why not try pepping up your wardrobe or home with our deluxe faux fur.

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